Give a Plant sapling to each child,as a Return Gift on Birthday of your Child.

If there are 20 kids in the party,there will be 20 return gifts,and each child will plant a sapling in his/her home,we will have 20 tiny plants in 20 different homes,now made eco friendly ,by you and your child ,along with an Awareness generated in your child and his friends ,about Merits of a Green home. Green home ,not only looks Beautiful, it is Cool, it Uses up less Electricity ,and keeps Lungs healthy by giving more Oxygen ,and absorbing all the carbon dioxide in and around the home. Plants ask you for nothing in return ,except just some life giving Water. Some varieties of plants that can be Gift Wrapped ,to take away to home ,without getting spoiled on the way to home ,by kids… A twig of Money plant ,preferably with a root hanging ,that can get rooted ,as soon as it gets the small vase with a little earth ! Plant shoot of Song of India plant ,it is rough ,it is tough ,straight and it can be planted ,directly without any fuss, after a few days of acclimatization ,it stars to grow rapidly ,even in direct sunlight and a plant gives out many shoots to re plant in other pots. Kiss me quick is another tough plant ,that can sustain in desert conditions ,like other cacti ,but gives additional beauty to our homes. On World Environment Day- One Plant to Each Child ,the best Return Gift you can give on the the Birthday of your Child ,may be Worth repeating Year after Year.

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