Letter to Confused itimer,to Abort or not Female fetus

Dear itimer, You seem to be Educated enough to Write Blogs for itimes.com,but like Many Educated Women of Our Country Do Not Have a Mind of your Own. Yes Women rightly Get confused at your age,with lots of Pressures but No Guidance..Everything is Dreamy,Filmy,or TV oriented Yearning for Perfection Everywhere, and not Aware of Uncertainties of Life. As a co itimer it is My duty to Tell you what will happen if you Do,and what will happen if You Do Not. Presuming you go ahead with Selective MTP,to get rid of Female Fetus. The Medicines are used to Induce Artificial labor Pains ( I Suppose You have Not Yet felt Real Labor Pains )..Medicines are called Prostaglandins,given by drip,By injections and by other Routes where mucosal lining can Absorb the medicine..Go to Google, and look for Side effects of this Medicines, we give to Augment Labor, to Lessen the Time of Labor Process till the Healthy Baby comes along, or May be After delivery,to Reduce Post delivery Bleeding…. If this medicine is Misused by giving 100 times the Dose,it Shows its Anger..woman gets high Fever,Confusing the Dr. about Any infections,post Delivery/MTP. It Leads to Asthma type Condition called COPD, Irreversible Damage to Lungs,where Balloon like tiny Spaces to Hold Life giving Oxygen,get Fibrosed,Means they loose Elasticity..So woman gets a Wheeze, unexplained Asthma type of Symptoms…and Well Meaning Relatives may Even give her Anti TB treatment without Consulting a Dr. as syptoms are So Obvious-fever along with Wheeze…Inlaws HAVE TO BE LEARNED LOT.WHO CAN CHALLENGE THEM? !ST TIME ,THEN NEXT…IT goes on and on till a male arrives. 1,2,3…9 MTPs till the Blessed Male Comes along.. By Now mother gets other illnesses….Multiple.gall stones,Detected by a chance_ultrasound_relatives are not prepared to take woman to a Dr. for Unexplained abdominal pains.. Surgery for gall stones at the age 30 plus..besides other miseries and no brightness.. Supposing you Take the Decision to carry on…it is going to be shockingly Lonely Battle. Your Daughter(S) will be the Only Family, in our fake Family Oriented,great India..Own Father of the suffering woman will Shun her,Taunt y her about being a Bad role Model,by Walking away minus Alimony, and the husband was Right by being Macho ,to Remarry Minus the messy Legal Divorce..Supposing his Only Daughter in law Walks out and Asks for tons of Money, His money along with money of his only womaniser,Flaunty Son.. Bhartiya Naari only Sister will be Too happy for Her Inheritance gone Up,by Deleting 1 out of 3. Your Brother will be Ready with Property papers, you have to sign as soon as your father pops off…this is the Day only son has Wasted 20 precious years of his life, Making his family life Look upto Inheritance, did not have time to teach his Only son the Virtue of Hard Work..His only son will Repeat History,by looking up to Inheritance, Not hard work to Generate Wealth.. Why regret having Such Relatives..it is Better to have No Relatives..Being a Loner Helps… Only Security is your Hard Earned degree and the Job it will get along with Goodwill of Plenty of people out there in the Vast world.. Your Daughters are the only Family, Nurture Them minus a Motive.. Think about all aspects and Good Luck..and Make sure… There is No looking Back and No Regrets..howsoever Difficult Hurdles become…Get Moving..go with the Call of inner Self..

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