Should abortions be banned in India,It was made Legal after years of discussions.

To defy law, to ape west has been the norm with the yuva of today,they may care for animal rights more than human rights for all I care. I am pro life too,the life of the mother,the life of her plenty of children,who get no attention of parents,because both have to go to earn to feed their families,the mother gets No milk inspite of the fact she is feeding her baby. Yes the liberated teenagers flock to chemist shops to purchase MTP pills,abortion goes septic or the girl bleeds for days, the doctor has to do the cleaning work,yes it is the job of the doctor to take up complicated cases,the girl may not become a mother again. It is my advice to pro life workers,the human right activists, do some introspection, mingle with the real crowds, do some social work in any Govt. hospital to do reality check, before burning public opinion about Abortion being a Dirty word,the doctors who carry out are Dirty,but the junta flocks to see The Dirty Picture,making it many awards, including a national awards…where were activists then, could they not save the heroine from killing herself out of self pity, They will never show on screen a woman undergoing abortion, but having so many affairs, any body thinks she was a long suffering Nirupa Roy ,are living in their own clean worlds, where their friends, sisters and mothers have not been through abortions for once in their life time. I accept any challenge from Pro life Champions. Abortion was made legal in 1971,there is MTP act, the doctors who defy the act should be punished, but to generalize such a sensitive women oriented subject brings more harm to the living woman,gives her only lip sympathy. Educate the woman about family planning,send her home with I am alive syndrome.

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