I saw Bahubali The Movie worth Millions today 21.05.2017.

Why has the movie been made at epic scale? Why is Adults only certificate issued for this movie in China but kids in India are loving the gory violence? Why is only One magazine being honest enough to give only 2 stars compared to rest of media going ga ga over it ?

Why did I go to watch it during the 5 th week fearing that it may not be shown in a multiplex anymore?

Why was the house full on a Sunday at 10 am?

Are we not conditioned humans?

Yes we are and we do go with the tide,get carried away along with it.

Since everyone has seen it , why should I not go and watch despite my busy schedule and despite everyone else connected to me having watched it with a good feed back ?

My own take is – go and watch for the sake of huge sets , impossible heroic tasks done by hero, heroine and the mother.

Message is Revenge, revenge and only revenge.

There is no feelgood factor to take away blues.

Beheading of humans is done at drop of a hat.

If I have to go back in time, may be I too will discourage my kids from watching gory violence and make them watch silly cartoons instead.

So much color has been displayed that one starts to feel going colorblind.

So much of violence can convert a hard nut into a laughing Budha.

Pray for peace all around.

Our TV sets are enough to show us the reality of wars, waged for the sake of occupied territories, religion, forced religion, and the types of meats being served.

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