For the Girl to get admission at AIIMS is a big deal,for Stalker it is voyeuristically Routine

Age only 20,gender-female,status-a student at AIIMS Delhi,aim-to better her status in life by working harder than before she tried entrance exams for MBBS all over the country,but her flight is tried to be cut short by a Stalker,something he and his friend at Punjab University,Chandigarh were used to while studying for pre med exams.The guys threatened her, passed sexist remarks,clicked her obscene pictures with the intent to outrage her modesty,20 years old girl did not share problems with anyone as the accused had threatened that she would face dire consequences if she complained against them with anyone. Believe me the girls getting into AIIMS are Not worldly wise as they are too self absorbed in their studies, they are as vulnerable as any newcomer from a rural area to a big vast city. I feel happy for her that she Had the Support of her Family,the family did not Blame her for trying to be shining brighter than the others,The Family shared her Success-so far that she has got admitted to the Best Medical College,she had people to share her Joy, therefore went to the Police to complain about the Stalker, and Police did their Job in looking into the matter,the accused was arrested from the hostel where he had been living for years and only God knows how many Girls had been his victims,but could not confide to the family tp approach the authorities. Age 20 is too young to handle matters singlehandedly,isn’t it? Suneera charitable centre for health and education of Women salutes the Family of the victimised Girl,for Believing her.

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