Why do women behave crazy in presence of men?

I was shocked to see behavior of women in a group of singles only club.’ Occasion’ was to pay tributes to another single senior who had lost his mother due to age and disease. I got a message that We Must Go from Woman leader.Despite a hard day at work, despite Not Knowing the mother -son duo , I went . And there he was ,the son and us 3 senior women. Dead body was in a coffin as son was waiting for brother to fly down from USA. I kept quiet for the sake of gravity of situation & I go by My rule book to Remember God ,whenever I come across a Dead body.

Son was talking about stock exchange and other 2 society babes were encouraging him to talk and the Mourning son went on and on,happy to receive attention of 2 women or it was the other way round?

On our way back I tried and tested these 2 women. A general topic about our heart and prevention and I wanted to enlighten about something new.

Who Cares for ECP therapy lecture from another woman ,when the mind is wandering elsewhere.

Yes these 2 and others wanted to go for cremation too, something which is reserved for family members only !

And there is a Special Lunch Meet also,tomorrow being a Sunday.

I am not being a Moralist. I have attended Feasts in Temples when seniors leave us at ripe age & I have seen Celebration of Being alive ??

But Flirting during funerals is also not new to me.

I have been through terrible times,when I wanted to Stop my own Relatives but Could Not Do So.

Why regret now. These Women lead by examples and I lead my life by examples too.

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