TB can affect any organ including Uterus

Lung TB is easy to diagnose. This woman was lucky that her biopsy report showed active bacteria, means that she was an open case of TB,to be kept in Isolation. Lucky for her that there were only 3 members in home, husband was away for work during the day & little girl was in a play school. Being practical, I told her to carry on her routine activities while Staying at her Home Only.She got relieved of her symptoms within a month of heavy dose treatment, 2nd month she was a lot better & Now she wants to Go for a Holiday,carrying along her Bundles of Medicines without Realizing the Seriousness of her illness Because She Stayed at Home & Not in a Hospital ! Drug resistant TB is a problem in India and elsewhere. I hope that better sense prevails and she continues to Stay at her Home for next 4 months while She is Under Medication.

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