I saw Bahubali The Movie worth Millions today 21.05.2017.

Why has the movie been made at epic scale? Why is Adults only certificate issued for this movie in China but kids in India are loving the gory violence? Why is only One magazine being honest enough to give only 2 stars compared to rest of media going ga ga over it ?

Why did I go to watch it during the 5 th week fearing that it may not be shown in a multiplex anymore?

Why was the house full on a Sunday at 10 am?

Are we not conditioned humans?

Yes we are and we do go with the tide,get carried away along with it.

Since everyone has seen it , why should I not go and watch despite my busy schedule and despite everyone else connected to me having watched it with a good feed back ?

My own take is – go and watch for the sake of huge sets , impossible heroic tasks done by hero, heroine and the mother.

Message is Revenge, revenge and only revenge.

There is no feelgood factor to take away blues.

Beheading of humans is done at drop of a hat.

If I have to go back in time, may be I too will discourage my kids from watching gory violence and make them watch silly cartoons instead.

So much color has been displayed that one starts to feel going colorblind.

So much of violence can convert a hard nut into a laughing Budha.

Pray for peace all around.

Our TV sets are enough to show us the reality of wars, waged for the sake of occupied territories, religion, forced religion, and the types of meats being served.

Why do women behave crazy in presence of men?

I was shocked to see behavior of women in a group of singles only club.’ Occasion’ was to pay tributes to another single senior who had lost his mother due to age and disease. I got a message that We Must Go from Woman leader.Despite a hard day at work, despite Not Knowing the mother -son duo , I went . And there he was ,the son and us 3 senior women. Dead body was in a coffin as son was waiting for brother to fly down from USA. I kept quiet for the sake of gravity of situation & I go by My rule book to Remember God ,whenever I come across a Dead body.

Son was talking about stock exchange and other 2 society babes were encouraging him to talk and the Mourning son went on and on,happy to receive attention of 2 women or it was the other way round?

On our way back I tried and tested these 2 women. A general topic about our heart and prevention and I wanted to enlighten about something new.

Who Cares for ECP therapy lecture from another woman ,when the mind is wandering elsewhere.

Yes these 2 and others wanted to go for cremation too, something which is reserved for family members only !

And there is a Special Lunch Meet also,tomorrow being a Sunday.

I am not being a Moralist. I have attended Feasts in Temples when seniors leave us at ripe age & I have seen Celebration of Being alive ??

But Flirting during funerals is also not new to me.

I have been through terrible times,when I wanted to Stop my own Relatives but Could Not Do So.

Why regret now. These Women lead by examples and I lead my life by examples too.

TB can affect any organ including Uterus

Lung TB is easy to diagnose. This woman was lucky that her biopsy report showed active bacteria, means that she was an open case of TB,to be kept in Isolation. Lucky for her that there were only 3 members in home, husband was away for work during the day & little girl was in a play school. Being practical, I told her to carry on her routine activities while Staying at her Home Only.She got relieved of her symptoms within a month of heavy dose treatment, 2nd month she was a lot better & Now she wants to Go for a Holiday,carrying along her Bundles of Medicines without Realizing the Seriousness of her illness Because She Stayed at Home & Not in a Hospital ! Drug resistant TB is a problem in India and elsewhere. I hope that better sense prevails and she continues to Stay at her Home for next 4 months while She is Under Medication.

Should abortions be banned in India,It was made Legal after years of discussions.

To defy law, to ape west has been the norm with the yuva of today,they may care for animal rights more than human rights for all I care. I am pro life too,the life of the mother,the life of her plenty of children,who get no attention of parents,because both have to go to earn to feed their families,the mother gets No milk inspite of the fact she is feeding her baby. Yes the liberated teenagers flock to chemist shops to purchase MTP pills,abortion goes septic or the girl bleeds for days, the doctor has to do the cleaning work,yes it is the job of the doctor to take up complicated cases,the girl may not become a mother again. It is my advice to pro life workers,the human right activists, do some introspection, mingle with the real crowds, do some social work in any Govt. hospital to do reality check, before burning public opinion about Abortion being a Dirty word,the doctors who carry out are Dirty,but the junta flocks to see The Dirty Picture,making it many awards, including a national awards…where were activists then, could they not save the heroine from killing herself out of self pity, They will never show on screen a woman undergoing abortion, but having so many affairs, any body thinks she was a long suffering Nirupa Roy ,are living in their own clean worlds, where their friends, sisters and mothers have not been through abortions for once in their life time. I accept any challenge from Pro life Champions. Abortion was made legal in 1971,there is MTP act, the doctors who defy the act should be punished, but to generalize such a sensitive women oriented subject brings more harm to the living woman,gives her only lip sympathy. Educate the woman about family planning,send her home with I am alive syndrome.

7 Ways That Can Reduce Your Wrinkles

1) Be one with Nature. Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables but No Juices except the home made or covered fruits like Coconut water.

2) Do not visit beauty parlors except for basics. Never let the Novice at parlor Experiment on your skin by promising you the moon like a Fair complexion / Wrinkle free skin. If facials are with well known creams and lotions and if facials give a feeling of Relaxation, do try.

But Never Let the parlor girls/boys Use Local Products. Baby lotions are Safe for babies and safe for us too.

3) Try to maintain a Natural Look by using Minimum cosmetics, just basic Thin Moisturizer lotion and foundation to give an even look.

4) Do use an astringent / spirit / deo spray /spray perfume as first and as last layer to prevent effects of Pollution and outside Germs on the skin.

5) Some recipes from book of grandma who Never went to parlors ,Look graceful ,Healthy with minimum wrinkles.

A) Multani Mitti ( fuller’s earth) cheap and easily available everywhere. Make a paste and apply on face an hour before bath.

B) Malai + atta rubbed over face and let it stat till it dries up, remove with a bit of force and wash with ordinary soap.

Remember that the Creamy Soaps are not for us in India because these cannot clean with Perfection. Use Soaps with Enough Foam to Cleanse the face thoroughly.

C) Honey is moisturizing and antiseptic. Lemon juice is Bleach. Combine the two in equal amounts and apply on face and hands. Let it stay for an hour and wash with soap like suggested earlier.

If you add baking soda to this mixture, it works like a Scrub and removes deep unseen dusty particles.

D) One can use Glycerine in place of Honey and granulated sugar in place of baking soda.

6)Eat Healthy , Eat Natural and Say No to packed foods because Preservatives and salt in these comfort Foods are not Skin Friendly. Exercise regularly ,if pollution levels are high, stay indoors as Pollution is Bad for Skin as much as it is Bad for our Lungs and Heart.

7) Stay Happy . Remain positive. Smile Curve is directed upwards. Contrast it to a Frown which is Curved Downwards.

It costs nothing to appreciate others with better clothes or better lifestyles.

Lastly Do Not Compete with Daughters / Daughter in laws.

Journey of Life is One Way with No U Turns.

How to Swallow Big Fat Tablets/ Capsules.

We have come across cases where adult sensitive women want syrups in place of tablets as they find Swallowing Difficult and downright unpleasant.

It causes one in three people to gag, vomit ,or Choke.

Calcium tablets with Vitamin D added are Huge and so is our Routine Paracetamol.

Worst can be gelatine type of capsules as they get moulded and keep changing the shape. Some Gelatin capsules do emit a substance right within the mouth making swallowing experience all the more unpleasant.

1)The Pop Bottle method is designed for big tablets.

Keep a bottle full of water near mouth with tablet. Do not let air in. Tablet is in mouth and just swallow keeping contact with using suckling motion to swallow the tablet and water together with sip of water. Make sure of continuity. Close lips tightly around bottle so that no air enters the mouth.

Worth trying with difficult tablets.

2)The Lean Forward Method is Designed for swallowing capsules.

Put capsule on the tongue.Tilt Chin towards chest.

Take a sip of water but do not swallow yet.

Swallow the capsule and water while head is bent.

If Fear Factor of Swallowing stays , liquid medicines is a better choice but Every Medicine meant for adults is Not Available yet in liquid form.

Pharma Industry is too keen to please the kids by giving Kadvi Dawai in Flavored forms.

What about Senior Citizens who find Swallowing Anti Oxidant Type of Gelatine Pills Difficult to Take??

Calcium and Vitamin D Syrups are plenty to choose from and so is Anti Fever Medicines and Antibiotics .


We as doctors can wish for Achhe Din for our Senior Citizens with Practical Tips to take handy medicines on Day to day Basis, the medicines which are Rich in Substance and Rich in Flavors too.

Menopause phase of a woman,some weight gain is normal,but it is No Consolation.

Menopausal phase starts around age 45,and the woman has to live a healthy life,say upto 100. Is it not an afterlife or a New life,a beautiful phase.About half a kg/ year gain is expected,despite cutting down calories,running and exercising.This is the conscious woman,who is learned,modern and wants to live a positive life,but she gets conscious about slight weight gain,starts punishing herself by working out more than her bones can take along with cutting down more calories. If a woman has been maintaining 60 kg,after 3 children for past 30 years and now weighs 65 kg, all she needs is counselling as this weight gain is due to loss of protective hormones,that make a woman. She need not be conscious about her physiological weight gain.She need not feel sorry about the weight,even if there is no doctor to give her counselling.

May No Woman be Taunted,about Husband Giving All to Another Woman..

Either the Wedded Wife and Mother of His Children is Stone Hearted,Feels Nothing,goes about doing Routine Jobs of Children and home, Like a Zombie, as She has To Provide for the Children ,and No Job will Keep her,if She Puts up an Attitude,or Goes to Work,Full of Her own Frustrations,taking it out on anybody and everybody—So easy to Label her Mad and Justify the Acts of Her Husband…Or she has a Choice to Crib in Private..that May take its Toll on her Physical Health..but Never Mind, Mental Health is More Important…Ek Machhli Jal ko Kharaab Karti hai (one Rotten fish Spoils the Entire Fish Tank.) ..and the Poison of a Taunt ,if Accepted from this Rotten fish ,the Dirty Woman of Our Society..Has to be Given Back with Full Might, to Expose Her Rot to Society, so far Believing her to be a Sati-Savitri…It will be Like Getting rid of Bad Cholesterol from the System..Pent up Anger and Emotions Carry More risks..One has to be Confident of Self, and the Good Work done with only One Focus–Duty towards children, job, home and society…This Gives Power to Hit Back, and Carry on… Who cares for the people siding a Deliberately wayward husband..only selfish Few,the Sadists,the Materialistics… No body Minds a Tamasha Creating Rotten fish, but it is Equally Rejuvenating Getting Rid of Her…

Start feeling My Daughter is Queen,even if you have not watched the movie yet.

Belief can move mountains,yes it does for the ignorant also.After my 3rd daughter,I was taken to the shrine,walking and trekking like a robot,as she was not even 2 months old,Did I fight with the almighty heavenly powers,No but I missed my 3 daughters all through those 5 days,year 1981,period October Navratras,expected rush but no roads or places to rest like it is today.Living in hostel of AIIMS,the exposure to religious shrines must have been at a personal level,which was not in my case. Slowly things happened in My favor, giving me a chance to take care of My daughters,Only,a purpose in life, to grow along with them,I studied Social sciences while teaching them and revised my Science subjects, difficult cases were taken up with the help of colleagues and my Professors. I got a Shelter as my Home and Things became more clear and I became more Determined than before to Educate My daughters.They got good grades at Delhi Public School Mathura road,admission in Professional colleges,and brought home Gold-Medals, and Good Grooms. Everything put together worked as a Shield against societal taunts, No we did not make fun of the High Headed Girl,married at 18,became a Mother of Son at 19. It is better the faith of a person remains at the Individual Level, without making a show off of it to generate Wars on Religions. Slowly it is the Higher Power only that gives a Reason to Believe, to Restore the Faith,if one feels Neglected due to wishes Not fulfilled…and there is lots to see in Humanity to learn from others, to imbibe for life as Good Role models,and as an indirect manifestation of God Incarnation.