Start feeling My Daughter is Queen,even if you have not watched the movie yet.

Belief can move mountains,yes it does for the ignorant also.After my 3rd daughter,I was taken to the shrine,walking and trekking like a robot,as she was not even 2 months old,Did I fight with the almighty heavenly powers,No but I missed my 3 daughters all through those 5 days,year 1981,period October Navratras,expected rush but no roads or places to rest like it is today.Living in hostel of AIIMS,the exposure to religious shrines must have been at a personal level,which was not in my case. Slowly things happened in My favor, giving me a chance to take care of My daughters,Only,a purpose in life, to grow along with them,I studied Social sciences while teaching them and revised my Science subjects, difficult cases were taken up with the help of colleagues and my Professors. I got a Shelter as my Home and Things became more clear and I became more Determined than before to Educate My daughters.They got good grades at Delhi Public School Mathura road,admission in Professional colleges,and brought home Gold-Medals, and Good Grooms. Everything put together worked as a Shield against societal taunts, No we did not make fun of the High Headed Girl,married at 18,became a Mother of Son at 19. It is better the faith of a person remains at the Individual Level, without making a show off of it to generate Wars on Religions. Slowly it is the Higher Power only that gives a Reason to Believe, to Restore the Faith,if one feels Neglected due to wishes Not fulfilled…and there is lots to see in Humanity to learn from others, to imbibe for life as Good Role models,and as an indirect manifestation of God Incarnation.

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