May No Woman be Taunted,about Husband Giving All to Another Woman..

Either the Wedded Wife and Mother of His Children is Stone Hearted,Feels Nothing,goes about doing Routine Jobs of Children and home, Like a Zombie, as She has To Provide for the Children ,and No Job will Keep her,if She Puts up an Attitude,or Goes to Work,Full of Her own Frustrations,taking it out on anybody and everybody—So easy to Label her Mad and Justify the Acts of Her Husband…Or she has a Choice to Crib in Private..that May take its Toll on her Physical Health..but Never Mind, Mental Health is More Important…Ek Machhli Jal ko Kharaab Karti hai (one Rotten fish Spoils the Entire Fish Tank.) ..and the Poison of a Taunt ,if Accepted from this Rotten fish ,the Dirty Woman of Our Society..Has to be Given Back with Full Might, to Expose Her Rot to Society, so far Believing her to be a Sati-Savitri…It will be Like Getting rid of Bad Cholesterol from the System..Pent up Anger and Emotions Carry More risks..One has to be Confident of Self, and the Good Work done with only One Focus–Duty towards children, job, home and society…This Gives Power to Hit Back, and Carry on… Who cares for the people siding a Deliberately wayward husband..only selfish Few,the Sadists,the Materialistics… No body Minds a Tamasha Creating Rotten fish, but it is Equally Rejuvenating Getting Rid of Her…

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