Menopause phase of a woman,some weight gain is normal,but it is No Consolation.

Menopausal phase starts around age 45,and the woman has to live a healthy life,say upto 100. Is it not an afterlife or a New life,a beautiful phase.About half a kg/ year gain is expected,despite cutting down calories,running and exercising.This is the conscious woman,who is learned,modern and wants to live a positive life,but she gets conscious about slight weight gain,starts punishing herself by working out more than her bones can take along with cutting down more calories. If a woman has been maintaining 60 kg,after 3 children for past 30 years and now weighs 65 kg, all she needs is counselling as this weight gain is due to loss of protective hormones,that make a woman. She need not be conscious about her physiological weight gain.She need not feel sorry about the weight,even if there is no doctor to give her counselling.

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